The flexibility of our conditions to modify or cancel your stay give you tranquillity and serenity this summer 💚



MODIFICATION: GUARANTEE FLEX, free of charge for all!


You can easily free of charge modify the following elements concerning your stay after the confirmation of your reservation:

  • Dates
  • Number or category of a pitch or an accommodation
  • Category and number of the complementary services


Just send us an email with the details of the wanted modification without any justification.

We will inform you rapidly of the possible modifications depending on availability.

You are automatically covered by the FLEX guarantee as per your firm booking. The modifications are free of charge and do not cause any cost for modification.



CANCELLATION: GUARANTEE ZEN, free of charge for all!


Our ZEN GUARANTEE guarantees you a reimbursement (1) or the transfer of your stay up to September 4th, 2023 (2) without loosing the already paid sums:



  • The campsite is closed due to government decision for COVID-19 reasons during the total period of your holiday
  • One of your family members or groupmembers that would come with you to the campsite has been diagnosed with COVID 19 within 7 calendar days before your arrival date (as obligatory proof: positive test result)



  • Your government obliges you to stay in lock-down in your homecountry due to the worldwide pandemic
  • Your government considers the Drôme (26) region as red area during the total duration of your holiday
  • Every european border is closed and therefore you cannot come to L’Hirondelle


You are automatically covered by the ZEN GUARANTEE as per your firm booking. The reimbursement or confirmed transfer of your holiday are free of charge and do not cause any charge for reimbursement, cancellation or transfer.



For all other reasons for cancellation, upon booking, we recommend you urgently to take out a cancellation insurance with an insurance company of your choice for which you have to pay and which you can find on the Internet.

Our partner Campez Couvert proposes such a complete travel and cancellation insurance for which you have to pay: see their detailed offer.

If you cancel your holiday for other reasons than the 5 under the ZEN GUARANTEE (1) (2) above mentioned reasons, you will be held to pay the following:


  • 40% of the total cost of your stay when cancelled 31 days or more before your arrival
  • 100% of the total cost of your stay when cancelled 30 days or less before your arrival


Please read our General terms and conditions of sale for more details.

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